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BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

Quote: (08-13-2015 07:29 AM)mikado Wrote:  

I cosign.

It means the starving artist

As they often should be.

BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

Starving artists are my favourite kind.
Thins the herd.

BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

Quote: (08-11-2015 02:48 PM)LeightonBlackstock Wrote:  

Man, I've been in Asia for three years at the end of this month

That's three years I literally haven't seen any of this crap in my day-to-day life

In my opinion, drop all these girls and move to Asia/South America or Europe

You'll get a woman you deserve.

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BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

Quote: (08-11-2015 11:16 PM)Dusty Wrote:  

Quote: (08-11-2015 11:04 PM)polar Wrote:  

Yes, their hair color and piercings tell you to try and contain your urge to rape them.

[Image: sick.gif]

It's done to get attention. Peacocking.

I've written about this before on the forum. Women have this strong urge for attention that us men just can't understand. You see it with little girls twirling around like a princess trying to be the center of attention all the way up to grannies and everything in between. You see it with all the social media and selfies and attention whoring.

Attractive women get a non-stop supply of attention. They have good lives and are content.

Then you get these ugly broads who feel they have been handed a raw deal in life. They are angry because no one pays attention to or gives two shits about unattractive women. This is death to a woman. Being invisible and having no one know they exist is fatal to their souls.

Thus feminism was invented to make unattractive women less invisible. They get to wear bright colors and weird haircuts and funny glasses to get attention. They get to scream and use megaphone so people will pay attention to them and listen to them. The whole idea of pushing a career for women is to get the old maids out of the house and in front of people who will pay attention to them.

The whole "objectification" thing is to get the attention off of the attractive women. Ever notice it's the ugly broads who are never objectified who are most outraged about objectification? When men are objectifying attractive women, the unattractive ones feel even more invisible.

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Preach on Brother ...... All you wrote true indeed.

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BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015


In light of the dropping of Roosh's next book, I invite all members, new & old to re-aquaint themselves with the events as they unfolded, in real time as played out in this thread.

The book is due to drop in 2 weeks time roughly. You have 46 odd forum pages to get thru if you haven't already (without mentioning all the other threads involved in at the time). If you were not around these parts at the time & feel you are "out of the loop", here's your chance to get in & get an understanding of what Roosh & the boys went through, to give yourselves an "on the ground" appreciation for the events described. It was something, I for one, will never forget.

And once your done with that, indulge in the excellent & hilarious...

Tally ho, gents! Lest we forget. And let us spread this message far & wide. The time is ripe & Roosh is battle-hardened & wiser than ever before. We as group grow stronger everyday with nothing but the truth, the whole truth & nothing but THE TRUTH!!

BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

That video will never cease being funny! I laugh every time I watch it! Who ever made it, I wanna buy you a beer!

Chicago Tribe.

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BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

Quote: (06-03-2016 04:41 AM)Snowplow Wrote:  

That video will never cease being funny! I laugh every time I watch it! Who ever made it, I wanna buy you a beer!

If I'm not mistaken, I believe it was our very own Master of likeness Handsome Creepy Eel. What a terrific job he done of it, literally had tears rolling down my face.

Thanks again HCE, I wanna buy you a beer too.

Good bump CP. Agree on the advice to read not just this thread, but the others too.

Since the book release is imminent, would it be an idea for the mods to produce a new subsection(like politics & war) to bundle the Tour/Meetups threads together chronologically to make it easier to follow[Image: idea.gif]. Could even call the new subsection Free Speech Isn't Free.

BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

The Toronto video journal can also help re-live the moment:


BATTLE OF MONTREAL: August 8, 2015

Yeh, get those in there too.

Those were some strong videos, however many times you watch them!

Good enough to possibly be monetised bundled with the book, throw in the media conference footage too. The accompanying video documentary.

Only you know how much this shit cost you. Free Speech Isn't Free.

WB(would buy).

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