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Dating Guide for Mainland China

Dating Guide for Mainland China

A Complete Dating Guide For Mainland Chinese Women


This Guide is designed to help Westerners, date women in mainland China. (中国) (Zhong guo) (Means Central Country. The Chinese thought China was the center of the universe). I am an American, so much of what I write will come from that viewpoint. This guide will be very politically incorrect. This guide is NOT very useful for rampant WHOREMONGERING or P4P (Paying for pussy). You have been warned. In my opinion P4P in China is that it is a waste of money, stupid, and completely unnecessary.

Instead of people having to go search for my posts about China all over the various forums, you can get that information here in one place. This guide will be long, but if you are interested, it will be worth reading it. I will break this down into various chapters or sections.

My Story
Why Date Chinese Women?
Chinese History, Culture, Language and why it is Important? Do your Homework First!
Understanding Chinese Women
Dating Site Methods, Strategies, and Approaches to Dating Chinese Women
Special Game Advice for Black Men
NightClub and Night Game
Bad Girls vs Naughty vs Good Girls, The Differences Between Them, and Where They Can Be Found
Game Advice for Poor Vs Rich Girls
Travel in/Traveling to China
Manners (Do's and Dont's)
Avoiding Challenges/Potential Dangers/You Gotta Understand How China Works
How to Bring A Wife/Potential Wife back to the US

If you need help understanding the Chinese phrases and words used in this guide, go here for a great glossary:

My Story:

I am a Black American male. I was married to a Black American woman for 2 years and lived with her for about 3 years before that. That marriage and relationship was terrible for reasons not worth writing about because everyone here knows why and can use their imagination. I tried dating Chinese women here in the US even, only to fail for the most part. I have dated many Chinese women in China and I currently have a Chinese wife. So I know many sides of the equation. I have also done business on and off with China for many years with US based and other multinational companies.

I have a minor in Chinese language from a university.
My basic disclaimer is that I cannot guarantee success from my guide, but you can find success if you do not abandon self-improvement and game. Don't look at my personal success as just being lucky. That is just not true at all. Many others have done the same thing. Remember there are 1.3 billion Chinese people. There are roughly 650 million Chinese women. America has roughly 350 million people of all ages! Always remember that.

Why Date Chinese Women

I can say sappy shit like, "They are the best Women in the whole world!", but I will spare you that tired cliché. I will provide a short list of their best qualities many of them have:

Chinese Women:

1. Are EXTREMELY Loyal!
2. Are Very Practical.
3. Are very dedicated and express love with actions, not words. Talk is CHEAP to them.
4. Most are very traditional!
5. Are very beautiful, and age very well too!

I could go on and list things like their hair is awesome, they look amazing in qipao dresses, eyes, etc.. but those things are just cherries on top for the most part, and not the main focus of this guide.

Q: What is an example of the loyalty Kai?

A: Ever saw that evil old man Rubert Murdoch about to be hit in the face with a cream pie by some UK journalist? His Chinese wife Wendy, quickly dashed pass Rupert's fat a** bodyguard, and smacked the SHIT out of that guy preventing him from landing that pie on anyone. The "Chinese Tiger Wife" can serve MANY functions.... NUFF SAID!

Q: What is an example of the practicality Kai?

A: They tend to be very frugal and do not make unnecessary expenditures. They may even ride you for "wasting money", like for staying in 5 and 4 star hotels, when there are cheaper ones around. Far from the stupid and inaccurate stereotype of "Gold-digger Asian women" you see thrown around. In fact, while traveling around in China with your girlfriend, you may have to insist upon nicer stuff to suit your own levels of comfort!! Do not be surprised if you have to do that! There is a reason why Chinese people have many many times more money in savings than their American counterparts do!

Q: What is an example of this dedication and love expression?

A: I will give you a personal one. My first time meeting my eventual wife, we were getting ready to go eat food somewhere, she checked me out first to see if my clothes were too wrinkled, lint, etc. Then she picked a nasty booger out of my nose, finished checking my face, then gave me the OK. Need I say more? There was no hesitation in her movements, she was smiling, and thought nothing of it. I said nothing to her about it either. I double dog dare anyone to ask an American Woman to do this for you!

Q: Kai what is an example of Chinese girls being very traditional?

A: There are too many examples to choose from, but they are raised to follow their husbands. There is a Chinese parable about wherever the male monkey goes, the female must follow behind. I may have botched the translation a little bit, but you get the idea. They already come with these "built in" qualities. DO NOT be shocked while chatting with Chinese ladies, in person or online, if they ask you if it is time for you to go to bed or have you eaten lunch yet, or many other things. It's like they are wired to tend to a man's needs! Don't be a sandy vag mangina, whining about "she is trying to control me" bullshit either. Do you want a real woman or a new-world-order fuck buddy? Can't always have both.

Q: What is an example of this beauty Kai?

A: Look at the photos in this guide or here. Also this should be a given but any 6 or 7 in China is likely a 7 or 8 in the US. Just in case someone reading this doesn't know that.
Look at these Chinese girls in qipao [Image: biggrin.gif]

Chinese History, Culture, Language and why it is Important? Do your Homework First!

Chinese history spans at least 5000 years! Compare that to America's less than 300 or so, and it helps to paint a picture. Nah it can be tough to comprehend that. It really can be. Chinese mentality has changed alot, but in many ways, it has changed very little. Much of their value system comes from Confucian Ideals. Wikipedia keeps it very short, sweet, and to the point. Those are the basic 7 themes the women will be looking for consciously, or sub-consciously!

At this point it is time to introduce you to Crystal Tao's website called
Go here and read through those archives. Crystal is a Chinese lady from Chongqing, she married a laowai (foreigner/you), and her website contains a wealth of knowledge on how to date Chinese Women and how to understand them. After she got married she quit the site, but left the articles for other to learn and use.

Expand out the various months, and check out the articles of interest. The comments sections sometimes has interesting nuggets in there too. If you read that entire website, you probably would not need this guide too much. Seriously. The value of this guide is to give you quicker 10,000 foot views, mixed with some granular details, from an American MAN's perspective!

That said lets go over some various highlights in the next section:

Understanding Chinese Women

Chinese women are very simple to learn and even though it may seem complex, they are not. That is because Chinese history and culture is more complex. The women really are not that complex themselves. Here are a few key reasons why:

1. They are blunt. Very direct and straight to the point most of the time. If there was a type of woman a real logic driven man can get along nicely with it would be the blunt nature of a prudent straight forward type. Chinese women and UK women are definitely these types. Another way to look at it is to look at Chinese language itself. (Wo yao chi fan) That literally means in English, I want to eat rice/food. Chinese language is not as overflowing with unnecessary words like English is. It is very simple and to the point. The downside is that the details are not as specific.
Don't expect SNL style humor to come out of the mouth of a Chinese woman either. They can be snide or sarcastic but that is only after you have made several snide remarks first! You may find yourself picking at them for a little while with humor or jokes, and they never bite. Then hours or days later, they bring one of those jokes up again and it busts you over the head nicely with it! You have been warned. Seriously they are very witty they just don't like to use it the same way Western Women do. If they tell you that you are getting too fat, they are not talking shit to you. They just want you to do better. Don't take it personal. If a Chinese woman says something that sounds "fucked-up" to you, see where they were going with that first, because you really do not know really know what they mean by that or if they meant harm to you. Ask for clarity or re-read what they say multiple times. It doesn't mean what you probably think it means.

2. Typical Chinese women have simple aspirations. They are looking for a handful of things (in no order):

A) A man that is nice to them and treats them well. (get along well)
B) A man that treats his family and her's well with respect, etc.
C) A man that is financially and socially responsible. Has a plan, etc (you do not have to be rich!)
D) A random fetish/desire of some kind. (White skin/blue eyes/blond hair/mixed-baby/ six pack abs/tall/sexy eyebrows/big arm muscles/not very hairy body/etc....)

3. Chinese women are not picky about looks. They are picky about what they want though! Take my lady for example, she cannot stand skinny men. She never cared for what race of the man she was looking for, but any skinny guy Chinese or otherwise, would have bothered her, or got no attention from her. Then when she meets me, a black guy with muscles, she goes [Image: biggrin.gif]

-Time for some more realism. Most Chinese women, if they had a choice, always want what they want, but in a Chinese man FIRST! Anyone that really knows Chinese people period, knows this. If there is a Chinese equivalent for you, they would jump on that, if it were possible. What do I mean by possible? Let's break it down shall we.

How Chinese men Disqualify Themselves With Their Own Women (in no order):

1. Too picky
2. Rude as fuck, no fucking manners at all.
3. Er nai , xiaojie, and xiao san (Second wives/mistresses) and cheating
4. Always chasing really young ones
5. Takes them too long to mature or grow up in some cases
6. Financially not acceptable (or gambles too much)
7. Treats in-laws like shit
8. Hits women
9. Low EQ towards the woman/ No romance at all/Never say anything nice
10. Arraigned marriages
11. 28+ year old women are old maid leftover girls. (sheng nu) and there are plenty of younger ones around.

Many Chinese women, especially the divorced ones, are not putting up with that shit anymore. Talk to some of those older ones especially the ones with kids and you will see what I mean. These women are still good women, would you tolerate anything I just listed above? Sometimes they tolerate quite a few things on that list before quitting them. You see in China, men are the kings. Their divorce laws and REGULAR laws strongly favor the men. Like they can hit their wives and get away with it. Women are basically treated 2nd class. Most men can get to decide who the children will live with in a divorce (there are other details, but that is the gist)

So now we know why they are willing to look abroad for laowai to marry instead. Not all Chinese men are like this, but the ones that are good (or good enough), can chose between MILLIONS of hot early 20 somethings... The women want a peaceful life with a man that loves them, and they can be happy without, drama "China Style"....

4. Many Chinese girls are very trusting and easy to talk to depending upon their ages and backgrounds. Others can be extremely paranoid, depending on their life experiences. In some ways they can be toooo trusting, tooo easy......This is good though if you are not a monger. You can have a sweet, pure, innocence young woman, which you can grow with or mold rather... That said, they live in a country that they call "Hard Mode" (Hard 模式), so they aren’t stupid, don't play games with them, especially if you are physically in China. (I will cover more of that later)

5. Many Chinese women also do not shave their pussies and some don't shave armpits, and may not shave either if you ask them to. Many Chinese women naturally do not have leg hair or it is very hard to see it. In Chinese culture they think a shaved pussy is bad luck. Don't be a dick and shave their pussies forcefully like Howard Stern or something, etc. and make them cry like one douchebag claimed he did on Chinasmack. Find one that is "down" with that sort of thing, if that is what you want... I actually would not recommend a Chinese woman if body hair is a major deal breaker for you. Or Japanese either. At least ask about their hair situation up front, I do that because I hate that shaved muff and that would be a major deal breaker for me. So if hair is a deal breaker for you, ask about it up front (within a few weeks meeting them/use your best judgment), then ask if they would be willing to trim or shave that for you. Also if they shave their whole body for you as you ask, they may feel inadequate about your appreciation of their natural body, even though she may never tell you that, it is something to think about!

6. Chinese women may not know world history much. They may not know much about your country, or just the shit they see on CCTV. (Communist Controlled TV if you are funny) Don't expect them to always know what the fuck you are talking about. They will tell you if they know about that already.

7. Materialistic Chinese women that people try to scare you about come from mostly one or two places in China. Just like Manilla women are different from the other ones, the same thing applies to China too. Shanghai women are NOTORIOUS for being the valley bitches of China. They tend to be more intelligent, independent, demanding, gold-digging, etc. than all others. The reality is that they are more likely to be educated, smarter, and a little less traditional. Perhaps a better version of an AW. They are not as bad as they seem. Shanghai has the highest number of "sheng nu" anywhere else in China. Some of you probably want to avoid them to be honest, but some of you would want to chase them exclusively depending upon your strategy. There is also a difference between "native Shanghai women" and "I just work here, but I am from XXXX" Catch my drift? That means not every woman you meet or see in Shanghai is actually a local Shanghainese.

8. Chinese women can be extremely competitive and jealous. If you are talking to other ones, they won’t like it, but they may not tell you. They just might become more competitive as a reaction. Some of them always want what they cannot have. If another Chinese woman likes you, then all of them like you, but if not one likes you, none of them like you, is my motto. Share some photos of you hanging out with other Chinese girl "friends", if you love pre-validation game. (more on that in another section.)

9. Chinese girls love to teach their man Chinese language. Not all, but many. Interest in learning Chinese language and culture, makes them MUCH more comfortable with you. It shatters the ice, if you know what I mean. More on this later.

10. When it comes to racism many Chinese women are generally racist. Just like most Chinese people. I hate to say it but it’s the fucking truth. Well over probably 70% want nothing to do with black people period. Africans can catch the most heat, while black Americans can sometimes get away by using good game. Does this mean give up if you are a black man? Hell no. Work your magic. Hell once I had 3 women message me because they wanted a handsome black man BADLY! 1 was super hot, 1 was slutty-hot with huge tits, and 1 was kind of a butterface with a killer body. 2 of them listened to black singers like RnB alot, and were very genuine. See the section Special Game Advice for Black Men for more information.

11. Many Chinese women can cook. Food is EXTREMELY important in Chinese culture. If you can eat real Chinese food, they will love that, because that means they will be able to do something valuable for you! Also she can take you to visit her parents without worrying about if you can eat the food or not. Learn how to use chopsticks correctly!!!!! Her parents will get a kick outta that if you have a serious relationship. Her other girlfriends too….

Most Chinese women willing to look for a laowai, want the older blonde or brown hair, tall successful white guy, and will wait for that right guy because they know that foreign women suck compared to them and they are just very patient in nature. When I say tall, I mean as tall as they are at least or more, which may not be very tall at all. My wife told me she likes tall men when I first met her, and suddenly I felt discouraged, then I asked her how tall of a man would you like, and that was 2 inches shorter than 5’8” (which I am) lol. Some really don't give a shit about any of that stuff. One thing that most seem not to like is super hairy men, and huge potbellied men. Again, some don't give a shit about those and treat that as minor things. The older they are, the less they give a shit about all that stuff except skin color! The younger ones are the most open-minded ones on race. The 18-28 year old ones. They are the ones that see more of the rest of the world, unlike their older counterparts. They also grew up studying English in school, whereas the older group did not. The younger they are, the more likely they have knowledge of English.

Dating Site Methods, Strategies, and Approaches to Dating Chinese Women

Let me address "Mainland Chinese Women" that are already inside America. 90+% of them are rich. Period. Maybe richer than you or some of your American buddies. They are usually the sons and daughters of Chinese that got rich in China and either took off to the US first chance they got, illegal and legal means, or they sent their rich kid off to a US university. It costs at least 90,000 dollars as a deposit to do that! They do not need your green card but if they wanted that, they only want a tall white guy probably. Watch out though because many of those girls are like Shanghai girls. Also they tend to hang out with only other Chinese people and hang out in the local Chinatown. You need a Chinese male or female friend to bring you in the group, and you better speak some Mandarin too, know their culture, etc.. They are also usually college students too. They are also much closer to an ABC (American Born Chinese) than you might like. I do not recommend chasing any of them unless you are Chinese ethnically or Taiwanese, tall, young, white, and handsome, or white and rich. Also the 9's and 10's already here, are usually only interested in the top of the top of what I listed (Rich Chinese young men in the US or rich ABC). A desperate 3-5 might take anyone, but you can get a 7-10 easy directly from the source. Not to mention those already here, can't cook for shit. Real talk.

Now let's cover Dating Strategies and Game Techniques.

The age ranges you chase, only change a few basic things.

18-22 year old Girls

Tough group to deal with! Flaky big time. Pure numbers game. This age is considered the stage before they have their golden years. So no serious commitments usually. School and college come first. They are young and immature sometimes. Sometimes they are too mature to the point that it is a little scary to be honest, like extremely red pill mentality and opinions! Now legal marriage age in China is 20 for women, not 18 like in America. This is important because their mentality is not, "I'm 18 now, I can do whatever the fuck I want now!" like some US raised young people think. This group tends to make V for victory signs in every photo they take, make stupid duck faces alot, wear corny Disney mickey mouse clothes (although some older ones do too, yuck!), wear glasses with no lenses in them, wear weird ass clothes that look outdated or just plain strange. Like office suit stockings with denim booty shorts, and ruffled white see-through blouses with their flat chested bras visible (or fake ass push up bras), with 6-inch heels/platform shoes that are black red or some loud color. By the way none of the clothes colors match each other. Cotton padded jackets are common for everyone in China, but this age group wears the ugliest ones. Some dye their hair (brown) and some of them have the ugliest hairstyles you have ever seen. They are struggling to look different in a place where everyone looks the same, so we cannot blame them too much.

The ones that "date" online and I put that in quotes for a reason, sometimes less crazy looking than the ones you see walking around on the street. Their hair might be black, long, and more straight than curly. They might have contacts to make their eyes look bigger and cute. They still make V signs and duck faces too. Lots of them have kick ass English skills too. The main problem with this group is that they are just looking around. They are sooooo picky that they do not even know what the fuck they want. Seriously. Even with air-tight game they may play extremely hard to get. Under 20 and it gets harder. Some of them are so silly they put dumb shit like: I want a tall, American (White) or European that makes 300,000+ per year, has a house and car, but not a fast one, only a luxury one, likes pets but does not own one, etc... Im not making this up. Usually these are like 9.5's and 10's around 18-20 years old. Usually their profiles suck too. Full of nonsense or has nothing but "hehe" or "lol" in them. They just want to see what is out there, or how much attention they might get.

My recommendation for this group is simply, talk to them if you have time, but don't hold your breath. Also they may be in college. School always comes first before a "boy". If you are in China, they may fuck around with you, but don't expect anything serious unless you are willing to wait around for them to finish and grow up.
If you teach in China, you have a better shot at building a casual, friend-like relationship with them first, and then use solid game to see what you can get out of it second. Don’t be surprised if they flake out even if you bring them back to your room. You have no idea if she is far more afraid of losing virginity, face, or something else. Your D might be something she wants, but she might have a reason to not go all the way. You can pull it out in conversation, but again, don’t be shocked if she keeps that a secret too.

If they are bonafide 10's.......good luck. You better have 4X more money than me, be tall, European, and handsome, all of the above, or the Chinese equivalent. Or something else great going for you future wise, like medical school for a heart surgeon or neurologist, etc. You must understand these are the "Hot white blonde bombshells" on the "Playboy College Edition" girls and any ugly but rich Chinese guy will grab these from you faster than an umpire can yell STRIKE! Remember the University of Alabama Quarterback AJ Mc Carron that kept having his beauty pageant girlfriend splashed on TV during that championship game, then every stud pro athlete in America started hitting on her HARD on Twitter? It's just like that.... This group are pure buyers! You may not be as valuable to them as you think you are.

Some Game Techniques for this Group:
1.If you are teaching English in China, you have a much better chance to get one of these than everyone else. Purely because of the time you can spend hypnotizing her is greater, and she has more time to teach you Mandarin and culture rules, and hypnotize her parents into accepting you. Just beware of jealous bitches and Chinese men if you get one of these, as well as your other students. They will hate, and hate hard.

2.Pre-Validation Game KILLS with this group. The younger they are the more jealous they are. Use one as bait or a prop to get the others around to like you. Use her to go out or meet her friends or classmates and colleagues. Keep lots of other girls on your QQ friends list. They will see their competition’s QZone pages (like Facebook). If they ask you about each other, don’t try to be shy about it.

A)You: /Tell them yeah, they are just some friends of mine./ We practice English and Mandarin together.
B)Her: /Do they like you?/ Do you like them?/ Are you a player?!/ Where did you meet them?/
C)You: / Yeah they could make nice girlfriends, just need to pick one or Sure! They are pretty, do you think they are pretty too?/ Nah, they all want to me to be their boyfriend./
D)Her: /Oh I see…. (gets jealous)/ Why do you talk to me then?”/ I don’t think they are pretty at all! / I think I am better / *Hamster starts spinning* and no response/ I think your taste sucks!/ Have fun with them!/

At this point it can get a little stiff and awkward, but keep your cool. Don’t flex or get out of character. This round and round of possibilities can go on forever. Hard to help you guys be ready for every slick retort, but these are some of the ones I have seen more than once or caught me off guard back then. What you don’t want to do if you chose this strategy, is to backpedal. DO NOT BACKPEDAL! Stay the course! If you need an exit strategy if you sense an epic fail coming on, is to say something like you think she is far better than any of the others and rose it up. That can backfire on you though and make her feel too powerful.
Good Replies (continued from above): Yeah, I haven’t made a decision yet/ I actually talk to you the most. / Really? Are you prettier than them? Why so? / Oh yeah? Can you show me why you are better? Or Show me what you got! / Really? I been chasing you all this time. What does that make you? / HAHA! I will unless I meet a better one. /
Even if she is pissed off, she won’t run away from you. Not without a fight of course! She may take opportunities to bring them up or just downright try to get between you spending time talking to other girls. Some may even try to fight with you or them and may try to message them to back off. It can happen, so handle it with care if you have a very sensitive one. If you can read her well and she is very sensitive, you do not really need this strategy.
*Warning* Super fucking smart ones are resistant (but not immune) to this and the female equivalents of Naturals are too. Game will need to be air tight. Especially if they are very pretty, then they might even be immune. Like the bonafide 10’s I described above. A girl that looks like Zhang Zi Yi is hardly threatened by any laowai playing around with her, especially if she is 18-22. If she is 5’8 or taller with porcelain skin, way more so. Regular-bold, rich-popular guy, neg openers with impressive Mandarin, light-asshole/Funny-jerk elite-comedy game might be better in a case like that. You could theoretically break a gal like that down with pre-val game, but only with other 9-10s. That’s much harder in reality though.
The smarter ones will get snide and make funny, witty, or clever retorts. Maybe even flat out ignore you as if you did not even bring it up. Some give zero fucks about anything that shit like that will not determine what they do with you at all. Straight up poker face. I will cover Poker Face types later.
3.Lost or confused and I need help game works well, especially if you are on foot out and about. If you’re Mandarin is decent, maybe after you get your directions, you can ask them for their QQ number. Ya know, just in case I get lost again and I can ask you another question. Walk around with a map or a Google Map application on your phone and put some bullshit destination as some GPS waypoint so you can use that as a prop to gain their sympathy and help the poor and helpless laowai. ;_; I am trying to find this famous and delicious bao zi to eat, but I cannot find this restaurant. I know it is close… ;_; If you can say that in Mandarin….tooooo easy….

4.If you know which areas has university students, you can prowl around in those areas if you are strict about day game approaching. I wouldn’t really recommend it if you’re Mandarin sucks ass or if you are kinda old.

5.Use Chinasmack personals, QQ International Personals, WeChat Friend Finder game is good for this group. Younger women that speak English tend to use stuff like this. (Everyone uses WeChat though, especially prostitutes/xiaojie so watch out)

6.General online game with this group can suck depending upon the website you meet her on. A serious website might have the gold digger types that are super picky. The cheaper or the free sites, will have a sausage fest lined up for her if she is 7-10. I guarantee it. She most likely is looking for something extremely specific. *cough*$$$*ahem* I ain’t hating. SMV is SMV and they know what’s up.

7.The ones that do not go to college or just go to a 2 year college can be perfect. Not too smart assed, not too dumb. Just right….. Timing would have to be crucial if you can catch them by being in the right place and at the right time. In the right situation too!! You could possibly convince one to get serious if you want a LTR, if you show up before a Chinese guy can marry them.

Conclusion: Kick the tires, see what's there....if a Ferrari with a good head on her shows up for the right price (love) take it!

Be careful of girls of this age group online, because the scammers like using this age group alot. Lots of horny idiots play right into those big eyes and duck faces. They would not do it if all men were not suckers. Often times they put pictures of idols (Asian celebrities) or clothing models from Taobao (Chinese Ebay), and horny dudes from the West fall for it all the time!

23-28 year old girls

This is the bread and butter group for most men (20's - 40). This group is starting to feel pressure that they do not have a husband yet. Especially once they hit 24-25. Usually all the non-psycho 10's are all handcuffed by 26. Beware of any 27 year 9-10's that never had a serious relationship. Something might be wrong with them, check them out slowly. Also 10's at 26-28 come at you like an American Woman would. They ask 5 questions quickly. If they like you they will talk to you again, if they are not impressed, they move on. I spoke to some Chinese female lawyer and a finance one that was like this for an example. These women earn great money already and are hot, just can't find a Chinese man that they like with equivalent money, looks, etc., that is not a douchebag. Remember those Chinese guys can go find a 20 year old 8-10, that won’t resist their asshole chauvinism. These types might be able to be broken down by a guy living in China with nice credentials. Some of you English teachers with money in the bank and Engineers have a good shot at these too, but beware, they might be controlling "tiger wife types" on the low. The Chinese men have a saying. Chinese girl, like a kitten, Chinese wife, like a tiger....LOL

*Remember ANY 10 woman from ANY place on the planet, that truly KNOWS how hot they really are, is a little dangerous in their own way.

Now, with this age group they may have finished college or university years and are looking for the next big step in life. This is good for YOU! If your Mandarin sucks, try meeting some online first. If you work in China or will be staying a little while, find the hangouts where laowai friendly women may be. If you hang out around a college or school and you have no professional reason to be there, the girls will call you a creepy pervert with yellow fever behind your back. You think everything is cool, but it isn’t. If the guys catch on you that is a bigger problem potentially. You have been warned. If you hang out in bars with other expats, you will find that they only have KTV/bar skanks and those are not quality women in most cases. If you find that a great victory with those 5's and 6's great, but you can do better than that. Also do not listen to other foreigners glossing up “bad bitches” they are pulling the club calling them 8-10s. 9 times out of 10 they are full of shit.

Let me say this as well. The actual "Good Girls", would NEVER go out being dressed like "xiaojie" (hoe) in super tight pussy-skirts hanging out in the clubs at night. Believe it or not, many are like a "church girl" in China outside the tier 1 cities and never deal with that shit. They see that as a waste of time, money, and kinda dangerous depending upon the club. Virginity is still a valuable thing for them if they still have it. They don't club hop like women here do. That is seen as stuff whores and bitches do.
So you think you know what a good girl in China is like? "But she goes to party at the KTV with laowai and she is just friendly, dude, they are not all like that!" WRONG! She may have had 4-6 guys before, you just don't know that. Those women be lying.

There are also 9 and 10's that are xiaojie putting themselves through school at a big university. They slide their business cards and phone numbers under the doors of nice hotels that laowai and businessmen stay in. They charge anywhere from 150usd to 800usd per night!!! But they are near perfect 10s! If you stay in cheap trash hotels or hostels you would never know about this. I'm not telling you guys this to go P4P, but so you do not come into China naive as fuck, thinking you know everything and the girls cannot fool you. That angel face could have been gobbled 10 dicks last month. Check her out well so you will know what’s up. Smash em but do not try to marry or LTR gal women like this.

When it comes to this age group guys a little bit older 4+, and the 30-35 year olds have the strongest advantages.

Now you can find an 8-10 sometimes if you play your cards right and search online or in certain parts of China that are not popular with foreigners and still get lucky. In fact if you are slick, if you go online, there are smart girls that are 8-10's in disguise, but they don't wear makeup, are from the countryside or small town, and they dress in plain clothes and don't photograph their entire bodies for you to see. Read between the photos! I found mine accidentally that way, didn't quite know what I had until later and it hit me like a ton of bricks, I could not believe my luck. I was stunned when I got a hold of better photos.

Some Game Techniques for this Group:
You can actually use the same techniques from the previous age group. There are some extra strategies in this group you can you use.
1.Online game can be very strong in this group. Free sites tend to have more DTF-looking for fun types in there, but that is not a high number to begin with. Paid sites have good girls and traditional marriage minded ones. Adjust your strategies accordingly.
2.Day game can be tougher as their English can be non-existent.
3.This group will look you up and down if you are seen around with a good looking woman. If that stare was hungry as fuck, walk by there again and if you catch them alone at a different time, get that number. Make mental notes based on locations, especially if it is a work place of some kind.
4.You can use a desperate one to your advantage. How to tell if she is desperate? If she brings up serious stuff within 1 week of meeting, or she segways into talking about her life goals and you find a clue in there.
5.Ask them if they can cook you something. Straight up. Don’t be shy about it either. If you stay at a 7 Days Hotel instead of a regular tourist one, they have a little kitchen etc. invite her over to “help you figure out this food stuff…” lol You buy the stuff and let her try. Even if it sucked, it opens stuff up anyway. You can try this with those younger girls but I dunno if that would work well. Someone can try it and let everyone else know how that went.
6.Keep in mind that 90+% of them are thinking marriage at these ages, regardless of what her hamster told you in the club, that’s what she wants or is dreading deep down. Just keep that in mind. Don’t try to constantly catch them in lies or awkwardness. This group is beginning to start caring about saving face a lot more. Calling some select few out on something can be worse than cheating on them. Observe and take a mental note when you notice something.
7.Buy them 9 or 18 red roses. Roses should always be bought in multiples of 9 (Chinese think 9 is a number that means forever). This shit blows them away. Nearly no Chinese men try this shit. Coming from a foreigner that is already thought to be romantic already, you just made a movie and put them in the starring role. Have it delievered to their workplace, and you get a massive multiplier. She gains massive amounts of face and her male coworkers there that wanna fuck/marry her get super pissed off.
8.Poker Face starts to develop more in this group. That can be caused by: Hard life experiences and baggage, super strict parents, pressure from school studies, they think they are smarter than you and want to catch you (shit testing), They have some better options in their back pocket (usually wrong though), they are naturally very passive aggressive, they honestly cannot understand you and want to save face, they are super introverted but really like you, and the most common one of all….They think ALL talk is cheap and bullshit (from ANY man or woman)!
How to Deal with Poker Face:
1.Keep her on her toes. Talk a lot. Try to speak Mandarin more if you are not that good, and she might want to do something else to make you shut up. Make sense?
2.Make short-jab jokes about her. Eg. My wife spilled a milk tea on the high speed train once before. It was a mess. Every now and then I will use a quick recall of “Like you did with that milk tea?” But she might have an orange juice in her hands this time.
3.Poke her nose gently with a finger and replicate her facial expression. You can even pinch her ass. Just don’t fold up if she reacts in a way you didn’t expect. Just smirk.
4.Massages work very well, especially if you have knowledge of massage therapy.
5.Ask her lots of questions. Especially nasty or very private ones. You could even try the ones in number 8.
6.Come up with activities.
7.Spend more time with them in general.
If they do not snap out of their funk or whatever it is that bothers them, put them in the friend zone-fuck buddy or the fenced in pasture area of your farm. You can figure out the rest.

29 – 34 years old

This group is bad ass for their sheer maturity. If they are hot as hell, it's even better! They are soo down to earth and chill it's not even funny. They can talk about all kinds of things. They probably cook the best after the 40+ group. They might have kids....they may not. If you are much younger than these women, you can almost forget getting one for a LTR. Too hard in my experience. The ones with kids may take you seriously though. One very pretty one, that was 31 or 32 and divorced and had a 6 year old kid, was excellent for me I thought and we got along well, good English, but I don't have any kids and she was busy alot too, so we did not talk enough like I wanted to. When she had more time to talk, I met my woman by then, so it was nothing by that time.

This group is also brutally honest. If they think you are fat, short, handsome, cute, silly, etc. they will tell you that. The ones with master’s degrees are FANTASTIC to have a conversation with! So fucking smart and knowledgeable! There are many to be found in this group without kids too. Don't be shocked if some of them tell you they don't want any kids. That might be music to some of you guys' ears LOL!

The ones from Guangzhou in this age group have MEAN CURVES! Sexy a** women! Powerful looking legs are plentiful in this group! A few people messaged me asking me where the curvy women at, well the 28-35 group has em the most! Especially in the Southern half of China. Those legs are the nicest (lean muscled, with thicker thighs)

Some Game Techniques for this Group:
1.Some want a husband and have kids. Some have grown kids. Some lost their kids to the husband in a divorce. Some were divorced and have no kids at all. YEAH! All kinds in this age group.
2.Fair warning. If you are a very young cat, lots of these women will turn you down because they may be too traditional. If they think you are handsome and told you that, keep messing with them and see if they will crack.
3.For the ones with kids, I would not try to play many games with them. It’s your call, but they are a little serious. I really wouldn’t mess with them unless they are super-hot.
4.These are pretty desperate for attention. Chinese men ignore them. They either intimidate most Chinese men because they got money and intelligence. They don’t intimidate us at all and they pick up on that vibe. They are just hoping you do not see that sea of 20 year olds behind them that equal or surpass them.

35 – 40+ years old

I honestly do not have much experience with this group at all. Like one 34/35 year old woman I talked with a lot, and that is it. 40ish women would never give me the time of day, no matter what I tried, unless they were probably a cougar on the prowl. Which is possible, I have heard a few guys say that they were shagging a few of those. But this group is too mature and serious. Almost all of them want an older white man 40-80 to marry and live with. They might have 1 grown kid, but that is it. Some do not have any kids!! Some of you guys just might want a cool as hell, old-school minded companion that can cook well, well here you go! Even at 40 the hot ones will make American women her age look like 70 year old cows. Prepare for some serious jealously if you bring them back to the US. Seriously.
People have reported to me that WeChat’s Friend Finder feature is useful for Cougar Hunting and finding DTF women in the 32-50 range, in Tier 1-3 cities, if that is an area of interest for you.
Basic problems with this group include:
1.Old-Fashioned ideas and views.
2.Strong ignorance based racism.
3.Use of traditional Chinese medicine too much.
4.Very strong traditional rituals that make no sense.
1.Cooking skills.
2.Traditional feminine behavior.
3.If a Tiger Wife, they are very vocal and do not hide it, easier to avoid.
4.Thin bodies and decently good looking.

Poor Girls Vs. Rich Girls

Poor Girls
1.Poor Girls can be defined as coming from a family that earns under 5,000rmb for say at least 3 people in that family. Location matters a lot due to cost of living, etc.
2.Some poor-ish looking Chinese may have huge savings in cash (600,000+ RMB) , but maintain the same lifestyle. You can kinda tell if they have things like large cost electronic equipment and nice washers and dryers in their apartments. If a medical issue comes up they instantly always have the cash. If they have a car, that is a dead giveaway as well.
3.Anyone’s family with a car is not poor. Period. I do not care if the car is cheap as hell and barely runs. No one poor owns a car in China. That makes them at least middle class.
4.Poor girls can still be very educated. Do not be surprised if you meet one with mid level English skills but earns 2,000 to 3,500 RMB per month.
5.Poor girls often times work as Customer Service Representatives for factories, international companies that manufacture goods for export (like Aluminum and transistor sales).
6.Poor girls can be found working at malls and similar places. Not all that seem to drop IOIs want you though. They may just be trying to sell you some shit. Sometimes they want to actually touch and talk to you. Wink wink, nod nod.
7.Poor girls can almost always be found working in KTVs, various bars, and clubs. I would wager that over 90 percent of them come from poor families. No middle upper class woman in China would be caught dead working in places like that unless she is kinda weird, low EQ, low IQ, has family problems, or strong insecurities dealing with men.
8.Poor girls are just somewhat more likely to be virgins rather than richer girls. Their virginity can be of value for their family in the form of a dowry, especially if they are pretty. Their parents will guard them strongly and almost always demand a large hong bao. Laowai are no exception to the rule either.
9.Poor Girls are notoriously flaky. If you are too good looking, too rich for them, or just generally out of their league, they have a strong flake potential. Do not always think you have bad game if you get dumped by a 5-6 poor girl. You could discuss potential marriage and they will still flake.
10.Some poor girls will hustle you for money if they know you have it. Avoid letting them know how much you earn or what you have. If they ask change the subject.
11.Are vulnerable to White God Factor/Syndrome. If you are black, you better show them you have "purchasing power" of some degree, for marriage ONLY, otherwise you might get ignored or not taken seriously. LTR and STR doesn't really matter.

Rich Girls
1.Rich girls travel A LOT. Either inside China or outside. Many can be found on online dating websites as women 27+.
2.A girl with a car that costs around or more than 40,000USD in the US, in China is a rich girl. Period. There is a lot more money hiding around her family than you know.
3.Are in all areas of China. Not just tier 1 and 2 cities. Have you ever seen a brand new Mercedes S Class AMG, or a Porsche Cayenne, driving around in rice farm areas in areas under 100,000 population before? It can be seen quite often in China.
4.They either play the field in their early 20’s, take too long trying to pick a man, or spend too much time traveling to find a husband. They freak out around 27 (Sheng nu = leftover women) and try to get serious. If you are looking for serious LTR opportunities, you can have a field day in this group.
5.Often fly on private planes to places or suddenly drop what they are doing to go traveling. If you notice this behavior they might be filthy rich.
6.Often times rich girls have parents with deep CCP connections or rank. That could be a problem if you tried to marry one and bring back to the US because all Communist Party members are heavily investigated first. Also, cheating on her is pretty damn risky for your sake.
7.Many are what they call (Fu Er Dai) which means “Second Generation Rich”. These women are that are called this by other Chinese are usually spoiled as hell, very bratty, and some throw temper tantrums and cry in public making a huge scene by name dropping their daddy’s name.
8.MILF/Cougars have money. Lots of them do. Divorced ones tend to be either middle class or rich. Especially career women with Masters degrees. Lawyers are not always rich and it kind of depends where in China they are located.
9.Beware of the ones looking for Boy Toys. These women want their own male version of a bottlegirl. They will never give you any pussy and will constantly waste your time talking to you and hanging out. Follow the 3 strike rule with rich girls. After the 3 close attempt, throw them out into the pasture.
10.They usually like to pay for everything. Let them, do it. Because even middle upper class women do this.
11.Some rich and most filthy rich Chinese women are “White God Factor/Syndrome Resistant” in a lot of ways. Some are open minded to dating black and brown men and may chase you if they find you first, especially if you have a “nice guy vibe” and have a “great smile”. Some Rich girls love great smiles on men. Why? Eh. Kind of hard to explain. I have gotten that feedback from four of them and never heard that from poorer women, not even my wife and she is middle upper class. Some of this has to do with wanting to avoid local Chinese men that could beat them, be rude, and try to demand their money or other things. Rich Chinese men usually get 20-23 year old girls that are 7-10s they will almost never marry an older one. Their parents won’t approve usually.

Tools of the Trade:
Ok now it is time to breakdown setups, tools, and techniques:

First Steps
1. Download QQ Instant Messenger International Version :
2. Next you must get WeChat for your phone (You can use your QQ number account for WeChat)
3. Either write down on a notepad or memorize your QQ number after you sign up for an account. (This is VERY important, cannot stress this enough. This is for online and if you are living there. Without a QQ account, you are a loser to a Chinese person. It will impress the women a lot that you have one and know how to use it.)

3. Install QQ for your smartphone.

4. If you want to check out the young hot ones on QQ international dating (Many speak English, hint hint!)

*Be sure to get a webcam. Many good women that are serious want to see you at least once before moving forward.
**Warning be careful who you let send you a friend request on QQ, it is very common to get an invite of some freak that wants to show you his penis. Not making this up. It's gross as fuck.

5. I love like this website: Check out the testimonials. It's great especially for serious prospects. is a good site too.
OK! Now let’s breakdown proper profile creation.

OK for photos, you will need 4 at minimum. (at least one showing your teeth if they are nice enough) (SMILE!)

1. Suit with a tie, looking SUAVE! not like you went to the ghetto ass suitmart and bought a Steve Harvey/Stacy Adams SUIT! (Any shot style is okay)

2. Picture of you in a nice button down type shirt and jeans in a chilled relax posture.

3. Picture of you with FRIENDS! Not all of them with other girls either! At a party/club/event (This is VERY important.) You MUST show women that you are not a fucking creep living in your mom's basement with no social life! They see you having fun, they start imagining themselves being at that event having fun with you too!!!! See if you can get a beer in your hand too.

*Note, if you are kinda on the older side (30-70), tone it down. Chinese women are conservative most of them, and older ones much more so. The amount of ass and titties inside spandex dresses women here wear at the club being seen in your profile shots, may shock them, and gives the wrong idea. If you chasing 28 and younger ones with no kids, it's okay put one or 2 of those up.

4. Picture of your whole body. If you are good looking with muscles, this will be your seller shot. They want to see what they have to deal with. Honesty is not an instant dis-qualifier like it would be here in the US.

Man what ya'll know about GAME!?

OK let’s break down more online game strategies:

In your profiles or when talking to Chinese women, having been to China before or being in China already is a big plus. If you are at home and have not gone there yet, turn it around into a positive! When they ask you, and they will, say I am planning to go to China this year or very soon, etc. This can give you an opening to convey to her that, "If you and I get serious, you can take me around China and we can travel together." If you go to China set up some dates to meet with you if you want to date several ones, they can help you get around. This really helps you guys that want to get there quickly.

This is VERY VERY important for any guy that has no Mandarin skills yet, but want to go to China and meet ladies. China is HARD to travel through if you leave major cities. Even my friends that are ABC's or haven't lived a long time in China, use guides to get around when they go back. Just Mandarin speaking skills alone is not always good enough! There is a reason why you have to have a license to be a tour guide in China. People go to college to become a tour guide in China. I will cover this more in the Travel Section.

Another huge strategy is to properly eliminate the weak candidates: (This works for online and in person)

In no specific order: (You need to know the first 4 as quickly as possible to not waste time)

1) Ask them if their parents can accept or allow them to marry a laowai. (Can they accept a black/non-white laowai)
A) If they tell you no you cannot marry me, what would you do? Do you have your own passport? (if no, you might be doomed getting that girl, but contact me directly if you want some help with that)

2) Are you interested in living outside of China?

3) Are your parents actively trying to arraign a marriage for you?
A) What is your goal in life right now? (if she says get married, great! Don't take that as a bad sign)

4) Can I see some additional photos of you? (Ask this if their profile photos are photoshopped or too perfect with makeup)

5) Ask them about where they live and where their actual "hometown" is.

6) Ask them what kind of foods are their favorites and what kinds do they like to cook for themselves. (Say it just like that)

7) what are their hobbies. (Don't be shocked if they do not have any, which is normal too)

8) what do they like to do on the weekends with their friends. Ask if they like to go to the KTV bar (Their reactions are what you are looking for)

9) Can you help me with my Chinese (Mandarin) studying?

10) Have you ever met any laowai other than me before?

11) How long have you studied English?

Only use 1-3 for serious prospects. For mere Short Term Relationship stuff, don’t bother with that.

When browsing profiles, beware of immature women (throwing up V for victory signs all the time, stupid duck faces, as well as huge eyeballs via contacts lenses, and excessive photoshop) Some of you already know this, but it must be said.

Any woman over the age of 30 should not be throwing Vs and duckfaces like a tool. You might want to pass them up for LTR or hit them up for short term and practice. Any of the ones over 40 doing that are....lame and probably dress like your grandmother too. They are just trying to be cool, but those are the really corny ones. Up to you on those. The girls under 25 are the worst, too many of them do this (like more than 50%). The ones that do both, might need to be avoided, but kicking the tires on them does not hurt, but test them for maturity. They just might be naive girls but with a great heart and character, trying to fit in or appeal.

In general some Chinese women, especially rural-to-the-city transplants are "out of touch/style" sometimes. They dress like a blind nerd dressed them, really old fashions, and the worst offense of them all.....Mickey Mouse swag... Many Chinese still love to wear Disney shit. Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuff everywhere, especially on the immature ones. This will bother the style conscious man, but it can be possible to talk them out of wearing that, but they still may be a turn off, maturity wise, for other things. Some of the photos you will see of Chinese women will provide either the biggest laugh or biggest WTF!? moments, have fun.

The older they are the more likely they just do not give a fuck about appearances and clothes, if they wear horrible clothes. No need to chase trolls, even if you look like one too.

Another big problem are photos of women with their tits out, trying very HARD to entice men. AVOID if looking for a good traditional girl! If that means, 60% of the profiles are disqualified, so be it! No big deal. If you have no need for a traditional good girl go for it. Some of those women are head cases, scammers, or very Westernized. So it’s up to you. Now I am not talking about a lady with a low cut top on, I am talking about the ones wearing sexy lingerie, the ones with both hands cupping their tits to show the camera, the ones dressed like xiaojie (mandarin for, and extremely inappropriate dress for their age. Leave all those women alone if you cannot handle it. If your dumb ass gets hooked or hustled, charge that shit to the game, and don't come back here talking trash about all Chinese women suck. Chances are good your story will not pass a decent bullshit check. Also why would you want to proclaim your level of stupidity or gullibility to the whole world?

These same rules apply to KTV hoes, massage parlor hoes, hotel massage girl hoes, bathhouse hoes, barbershop hoes, and hoes on the street! Do not attempt to handcuff HOES! Let em go! They are dime a dozen, and the good girls outnumber them alot, like 4 to 1. Maybe even more than that.

A) Like most Asians, Chinese women are not known for giant tits, like European and Western women are. Too many of them use pushup bras, stuff them with sponges, and you could be sorely disappointed in what you see in person. Many stuff their bras. You have been warned.

B) They could be using the photos of a idol/celebrity that no westerner knows about and might be a fraud running scams. If it looks waaay too good to be true, dig deeper. Ask for a regular photo or keep moving.

You must see at least 1 normal photo to counteract getting hooked from a photoshop job. Do not get excited check them out first.
Remember there are still lots of LEGIT 10's out there that are not running a catfish scam, just be careful in your approach.

*If in a serious relationship*

12) Are your parents going to require a dowry? If so, how much? (might be a deal breaker, might not, there is a process to work through covered later) They may give you guys money instead!

13) Am I required to come visit your family for Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
A) Will we need to bring Hong Bao? (Red Envelope filled with some cash (RMB chinese currency) and how much do we need to have for all the hong bao envelopes. (work with her and her mother on what to do)

14) Do we have to have a wedding ceremony? (find out the costs, etc.)
15) Figure out if you are going to marry in China first or do a K1 Visa instead and bring her to the US or other country) (More on this later.)

More online game tips:
1. Never discuss politics online or in person while either one of you are in China. QQ is monitored, their email, and blogs are monitored. they deep packet inspect all traffic in and out of China for keywords. Don't bring up banned words either like Chen the blind activist, or any of his family members, Tiananmen Square, Tibet, or use the Chinese characters for that shit. Don't let them get too involved in stuff like that. You may never hear from them again, not because they don't like you anymore either......the "Party" picks up people they do not like. Ya dig? Stay low key.

2. Download and use WeChat for your smartphone, you can use your QQ login or facebook login for it. The girls you date may push you into using it, but you may look more cool by having it first before they ask.

3. Make a Qzone page. Qzone is like a kind of Facebook. It uses your QQ login. It's all in Chinese and even running Google Chrome Brower with Chinese translation does not work. If you can put stuff on your Qzone page without help, the women will be HIGHLY impressed.... (at a minimum put a profile picture on it)

You can also browse their Qzone pages and like their pictures or stuff, and that will make them feel very special too!
*Remember ACTIONS = Love to Chinese women* You do not have to buy them lots of junk or say "I love you alot"

Etiquette Tips
Chinese women do not take a long time to decide on a guy. Only the Westernized/Picky/Young Idiotic ones do. What do I mean? Time to introduce you to an awesome article written by a guy that teaches English in China.


Subsequent to such a group meeting, if a Chinese girl agrees to go out with a man on what we would call a first date, she is formally acknowledging this man as a viable candidate for marriage. If she agrees to a second date, then she is consenting to the distinct possibility of marriage. A third date for a traditional Chinese girl will commonly be perceived as indicating mutual intentions of marriage in the foreseeable future. Western men need to be aware at all times that dating and courtship in China are really this rapid and simplistically linear.

For most "good" Chinese girls, an offer of sex is almost always a gesture of good faith in contemplation of marriage.
So there ya go. Chinese women decide QUICKLY! So don't waste too much time with a wishy-washy girl, if looking for only LTR. Read that whole article it is eye opening. Basically it points out that casual sex is not some mainstream thing you can find in China unless you go pay for it. Only KTV hoes do this, and don't be surprised if that girl has a pimp and they shake you down afterwards.

*WARNING* Do not monger sweet/pure girls in China, by promising marriage and other things. Doing so we initiate what the locals call a "Human flesh search" for the evil laowai. In smaller cities that can be suicide. If they find you before the police they will confront you, beat you up, and call the police. You will be jailed or deported, usually both. You will get a lifetime ban from China too. In the big cities you might get away with it, but in the small city and rural areas, you will get fucked up. The police won't believe your story and they don't speak English either. The US embassy will just tell you to go home. PLEASE consider other foreigners that are living in China, you will make their lives much worse there by being an asshole.

Special Game Advice for Black Men
For Black men, you will have to use better techniques than some of your peers due to racial stigmas from the West. In China, white skin is always better. Whether white skin on a Chinese person or on a foreigner. Many Chinese women that like foreigners highly crave a mixed blood baby with a white skinned man. That’s great news for white guys, but bad news for us. Kind of. Nah! We have to fine tune our game to separate ourselves from the rest. Just because you are black does not mean that you cannot get a hot Chinese woman at all. Just have to work at it a little harder. That honestly should not be a surprise to any black person reading this. We have to work extra harder in many aspects in life to overcome adversity, so this is just another one of them. By this age, you should already be used to this by now. Some of you non-black but darker skinned/dark tanned guys need to read this as well.

Things that make dating as a black man tougher in China are the following:

1.Stigma that black skin automatically means you came from Africa.
2.Stigma that all Africans have HIV/AIDS. (Some p4p women will deny you outright for this reason and your penis size.)
3.Stigma that white people in America and Europe hate us, it must be for a good reason.
4.Perception from the west that we are bad people who do rapes and crimes.
5.You are one of the poor African migrant workers that are in Guangzhou.
6.Darker skin in general is looked down upon as not ideal regardless of ethnical background and home country.
7.Dark/tanned skin is associated with working in the fields or outside in dirty professions.
8.They think our penises are too big and will not fit into a Chinese pussy. (an Old Wives tale warning they get when younger)

Strategies to overcome these stigmas:
2.Use online game to quickly vet out women with skin color issues.
3.Avoid direct day game approaching. Unless using pipeline and pre-validation game while with a Chinese girl.
4.Have a picture of your face on your QQ/Qzone/WeChat profile to prevent sticker shock or flaking.
5.Wear hats, shirts, backpacks, and other gear that make it obvious you are Canadian or American, etc. Your University gear is good too. All American Universities are impressive to almost all Chinese.

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

6.Avoid hiphop game/swag unless you are going out to the club or chasing a “nigger lover” (A girl that wants a thuggish kind of black man like she sees on TV. Basically wants a stereotype.)
7.Learn the Chinese culture from, this guide other sites, and watching Chinese men.
8.Learn some Mandarin. The more you avoid it, the harder it gets.
9.Avoid uneducated women. Like no highschool or even a 2 year college.
10.Just say no to single mothers for LTRs and marriage. You cannot really pipeline or pre-validate off these types well. You will be looked down on.
11.Build up your Chinese Circle and try to get into as many as you can for business, friendship, English and Mandarin penpals, etc.
12.Find pen-pals for English practice by joining sites like Chinasmack’s and QQ personals and meet up sites. MAJOR pipeline game here. Get to know them and their friends via online/chat. Get on QQ with all of them. Talk to them all if possible, especially if they know some English.
13.Do not coon or use a bunch of slang talk. Do not teach them slang talk, unless they are nigger lovers….
14.Wear nice watches. Notice I did not say “diamond crusted watches”.
15.Do not wear Steve Harvey and Stacy Adams suits or stuff like that. There is a time and a place for that. In China, the answer is neither.
16.Avoid large afros and huge dreads unless that is part of your identity and you can pull it off. For most a nice fade will go a long way.
17.Avoid wearing urban gear with huge pants and loud colors. That pretty much makes you look like the Africans. On the other hand bathing apes and certain styles appeal to some of the very young Chinese, but it will have a very limited appeal. Also you may not want to wear clothes that project the imagery of monkeys, to people that already think you might be one. They also get insulted for looking like monkeys as well from others. Just saying.
18.Join business networks related to China. Ones in the US/West and in China.
19.Talk NBA basketball with Chinese guys to befriend them. I have found this to be very good at times. We can befriend them in ways white guys do not. Once they really like you, there is almost 0% chance of a cockblock and they will talk women with you and drop hints and tips. Also it can help you penetrate new circles.
20.Use muscles or abs to your advantage. Chinese women like fit men, especially great set of abs and lean muscle. Wear shirts that makes your muscles and physique pop.
21.Channel your inner Obama. Obama impresses almost every Chinese that has heard one of his speeches translated. Some actually love him a lot.
22.Stick to younger women, childless milf/cougars (27-40), educated Sheng nu (27-35).
23.Collect your own friendzone, even if the she is a racist or a bitch. Put that hoe in “timeout” and talk with her friends. All Chinese girls have at least 1 good girl for a friend. Pipeline her ends until you find new circles as well.
24.Always humor talk for an arraigned marriage if your circle game is tight. Could be big blessings in disguise. Just be careful of being used for a Green Card if something like this came directly off an online site. Circles only. Even if the first person in that said circle was met online.
25.Check out Chinese churches in the US. Most of us are Christian so that is a nice fit. Pipeline that. If you have been to China before and can speak Mandarin, huge plus. Circle game is strong for domestic mingling like this.
26.Chinese women with darker skin are not desirable to the local men. Beautiful ones (7-10) can be gotten over social stigma bullshit.
27.Guangzhou women have wider hips and thick, muscular, powerful looking legs. The Africans there chase them all the time, so you won’t really surprise one of them there. They are thicker than most Chinese because they are Cantonese and like sweet stuff in their foods sometimes. They are darker from the hot climate and have strong legs from lots of walking. Target them if you want, but avoid the fat ones please. Just save yourself some trouble.
28.Get a Chinese name and tell the girls to call you by that name.

The best strategies I have found stem from finding English speakers online.
Day game sucks. If you have kick ass Mandarin, you could theoretically mouthpiece your way into something, but Chinese women are very blunt and direct. If they like you, they all over you. If they do not, they blow right by you.
You are basically hunting for a 10% within a 20-30% group. Now that sounds terrible, but that 10% is a huge ass number. Much larger than the number of good looking women in the US.

Since Chinese women are super jealous and competitive, any black man walking around with a hot one, instantly just let all the other women around know that she found a great treasure chest. Then magically most of them forgot that they were racist or realized that they must be missing out of something amazing because another woman was faster than them.

Some were never racist or anything but just never saw a black man before except maybe Obama. Chinese are super impressed with Obama. Many had to learn one or two of his speeches for school. Some of the under 20 kids can recite some of it on the spot. That is good for you because the more you remind them of him, the better it is for you. Even if the CCP sometimes replays bad news about blacks from America, or tries to look down on Obama, it doesn’t really work all that well. Younger Chinese do not believe the government bullshit media about anything.

Africans in China dress in a lot of Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, khaki shorts, and wear loafers without socks while ashy. They will not match colors well and many times wear loud shit like orange. Don’t be like that. Dress around the stuff I recommended. Learn all the other things in this guide. I cannot re-put the same stuff just for one section. Once again, we usually have to put in more work to get higher quality women in China. (8-10) Any black guy dismissing this knowledge in this guide is probably buttering up and smashing 4s-6s. Or girls Chinese guys will not touch. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just understand that higher quality usually requires more strategy especially if you want to LTR or wife an 8-10.

If a Chinese woman is afraid to fuck because your dick is too big, be sure to explain to her that vaginas stretch naturally to accommodate any penis size. Use scientific links and smooth talk to assure her that it will feel just fine and to not worry at all. If you have been saying this in English, translate it into Chinese to show her you are serious. Hand-holding this can be tedious, but it she is hot, it is worth the effort. Trust me. Be sure to use plenty of lube and a condom if you are not a pussy eater, go slow, and talk to her. Do not grab n smash or rail her out of her mind. That is just plain stupid. Enjoy that super super tight feel and experience something unique and different for once. If you guys fuck regularly you can speed up later on.
If you are the type of black guy that fucked only fat, big-assed women before in the West, you CAN WEEN yourself off that kind of fast hard fucking. All you have to do is try. You WILL get that nut. Be patient, enjoy, relax, and concentrate. You have now began the process of abandoning the large gaping canyon, loud air-queefing, loud smacking, cacophony of noise that was the result of Western health and social dysfunction.
A petite, healthy, and fertile woman has the correct mental balance via her physical superior health to cater to a man providing him of everything he needs. You may not contract yellow fever immediately, but you should be able to completely write off size 6 and fatter women from the West. Give it time and the transition will be your second red pill basically.

Night Club Game and Night Game
Night game can be broken down into the following:
1.NightClubs (Chinese)
2.Nightclubs (Foreigner ones)
3.KTVs and KTV-bars (Stands for Karaoke Television)
4.Foreigner Bars
5.Local Chinese Bars sometimes inside Hotels
6.Outside park gathering areas

Nightclubs in are pretty disappointing from a Westerner standpoint. Only Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai are typically known for having decent to good ones. Those cities have foreigner style nightclubs. Those are good for quick pickups of 4-7 girls without much fuss. Those girls go there looking for laowai. Cockblocking at those kinds of nightclubs are usually not common at all. Local men typically don’t have the same kind of pull power they would normally have in a KTV or other night spot that is Chinese based. A standard Chinese nightclub has a small or tiny dance floor with chairs and tables surrounding it. Hardly anyone dances and most people are playing cards, Mahjong, or some other game. Most pussy is brought pussy. Girls are 4-6 range typically. Everyone smokes.

Girls inside KTVs can be broken down into the following:
1.Xiaojie or Pros with pimps watching inside
4.Non-pro Patrons
5.Sing-Along girls
6.Hired eye candy

KTV hunting game is not recommended for the sheer reason that most pussy brought into a KTV is handcuffed or in a group of friends. KTV is where you go with a prospect and her friends. Cockblocking is ruthless in KTVs. Handcuffing, hard stares, and lots of mean mugging from other men unless you bring your own girls with you, and they STILL might mean mug you.
KTV stuff is basically good for guanxi and business with other Chinese males. If a group of guys invite you don’t turn it down. It could be good for future business reasons. They usually go to get drunk and sing songs and act like assess usually. Turning them down causes them to lose face, which makes them all like you less. Chinese men hate going home at night and don’t wanna deal with a wife or just their boring lives. Everyone in China does it. Just go and learn some culture from it. Girls that are not pro, may or may not float around. If a decent looking one comes over, get her QQ number quickly and keep it moving. Don’t hit on everything in a mini skirt. It’s poor form. Drink, Sing, Mingle. That’s all. Girls in the upstairs near rooms up top are sometimes xiaojie depending upon what city you are located. Their pimps usually own the KTV or work inside like around the bar area. This is dangerous for laowai because even out of town Chinese men get hustled by the pimps into paying more before they can even get their dick wet. These are the kinds of Tourist Traps, Chinese men deal with. Spas and Massage Parlors Bath Houses have the same drama on occasion too, but I would not really know all the details because I do not go in there often. I actually got hustled over a back massage before by the owner. I can imagine if I paid for pussy it would have been worse. Some women are hired eye candy, hostesses, or bottlegirls inside the KTV. For the most part, you can look but not really touch. Hard to always say. Depends upon the place.
If you want to check out nightclubs, adopt a strategy of scoping the place out first. Identify your favorite targets quickly and watch them for handcuffing. If there is no signs of handcuffing, proceed with approaches. Do not make bad habits of approaching every woman. Chinese are nosy. Everyone will see that and it can backfire if you picked up a nice 7 and still had to grab that 5’s numbers on the way out. Don’t be greedy. Do not be afraid to close. In fact the earlier you can close the less time you will have to waste in there. White guys catch more cockblocking than anyone else. Especially UK and AUS guys. Why? Because they are too brash and operate with a lot of bravado. They hunt handcuffed and brought pussy with no regard. I’m not going to put down on their strategies but if you are concerned with cockblocking and find it to be very annoying, avoid mimicking their game. Scan the place first and be patient. Every girl you miss, is like a bus. There is always another one around the corner.
Watch out for French guys in places like Guangzhou. They are aggressive and roam in packs. They openly talk shit and mock others openly. I have no idea what their deal is, but they come across to me as haters or potential cockblockers. Just ignore them. I know there are lots of them in Shanghai but I have no idea what they like to do over there.
Laowai bars according to reports I get have 4-5 girls in them and have foreigner’s cockblocking each other because the girls speak English or other languages. Some people tell me that some of them have no women in them just a bunch of dudes. Perhaps others can write datasheets for this stuff. I personally never bothered with these.
Bars inside Chinese hotels, especially nice ones, have xiaojie working in them because they use the hotel as a base of operation. Usually there is not much going on in there because the alcohol is expensive and drinks are cheaper in other places.
Overall night game yields opportunities on the lower end that can result in fast closing. Truly good girls avoid clubs depending upon the city in question. Bad girls to grey hat types are in clubs. Some are just IDGAF types and cannot be easily figured out what team they are playing on. For higher end women, day game, social circle, business/work circle, online, and pipeline game yields the biggest rewards in terms of quality. Nothing wrong with it. Just mix it up so that you do not run out of hunting grounds. Every year some losers go to China, hop off a plane, go to a few laowai bars and clubs

Very Advanced Game and End Game

This level of game requires full knowledge of Mandarin and Chinese culture. Basically, you can do what other local Chinese men do. You can have a wife and mistresses. Some will only require that you do not bring them back to the house. Some only require you always come back home no matter what you do outside each day. Some completely do not give a shit and will go out in public with you and the er nai. Some will have a combination of all of these rules or simply require that you always use a condom outside. Usually semi-rich Chinese men do this. Most have to hide it or be careful how much money they spend on mistresses and xiao san. Some with very tight game do not have to do hardly any hiding of this. Their wives just don’t care. Either because they were raised in a family like this, they know the business side of China and will not interfere with your guan xi and business ambitions or duties, or they are so red pill that they know men need to play outside sometimes.
How do you get it like this? Ask them upfront if that is okay with them before getting serious with them. Just like that. It might take a while to find the right one, but they are out there. Lots of them. The wealthier you are the easier it is to do this. Certain arraigned marriages have a higher chance of this being okay. Basically you can have all the benefits of a Chinese wife and still be able to play around if that is what you want. There is no 20 step tip sheet or process guideline I can provide on this. It’s very simple but you have to at a bare minimum understand the culture well enough to pull it off correctly. You also need to know how to handle the possibility of pushback or her mind changing later on based on jealousy and your ability to bond. If you know what you are doing, you can handle it with ease, no problem.
For anti-marriage guys, this can be a boon for you if you improve your knowledge of China well enough.

Bad Girls vs Naughty vs Good Girls, The Differences Between Them, and Where They Can Be Found
Good and bad girls are actually hard to tell apart in China when you do not have the experience and knowledge of the culture. Using Western value systems to grade them is quite frankly pretty stupid and very misguided. I will attempt to break it down, but there are soooo many factors that it is kinda tough to list out every single possibility and still be 100% accurate. I will list the trait or behavior and list the probability that they are good or bad, based on just that. If your girl scores at least -25 points, she is quite possibly a bad girl (a little naughty), if she scores at least -35 she is a bad girl, and if she scores 50 or higher she is definitely a bad girl and you better know what you are doing around her at all times. Any girl with a positive score of 15 or higher is a pretty traditional girl. Obviously no matter what the score is, it cannot accurately 100% predict future behavior. Even bad Chinese girls will clean up their act for the right man. That said, some are so far gone or damaged, they would not be worth an LTR unless you cannot resist due to fetish markers. When you think you have found the perfect one, you will see 5 more just like her in other places on a mere train ride. Don’t go crazy immediately just off fetish markers.

Good and Bad Girls:

1.Never had more than 5 boyfriends (+1 point)
2.Studies very hard and always has good grades (+3 points)
3.Went to either a 2 or 4 year college (+3 points)
4.Gives up seat for elderly (+5 points)
5.Saves money intelligently (+5 points)
6.Pays for dates and travel (+5 points)
7.Tries to feed her man with chopsticks (+5 points)
8.Cooks for her man without asking (+5 points)
9.Comes from a good family that is complete with a mother and father. (+5 points)
10.Would refuse to shave her pussy hair, even if you requested. (+5 points)
11.Always returns to her hometown for Chinese New Year (+5 points)
12.Very filial to their parents (+10 points)
13.Virgin (+10 points) add 5 points if Virgin between 18-24
14.Takes care of grandparents that are rude or mean without complaints (+15 points)

15.Ran away from home because of a fight with parents (-2 points)
16.Dropped out of high school (-1 point)
17.Hair is shorter length than the neck (-1 point)
18.Watches of Western porn (-3 points)
19.Wears baggy pants with wrist spikes (-5 points)
20.Lost virginity in high school (-1 point)
21.Worked or Works at a KTV club (-5 points)
22.Has had more than 5 sexual partners before 24 years of age (-5 points)
23.Never returned home after a fight with parents (-5 points)
24.Has lived with multiple boyfriends (-5 points)
25.Yells at people and uses lots of profanity like (sha bi, TMD, etc) (-5 points)
26. Laughs at others misfortune or poor people (-5 points)
27.Always heavily photoshops her daily selfies (-1 point)
28.Never ever wears a dress or a skirt (-5 points)
29.Very very Hairy armpits (-3 points)
30.Still a virgin after 30 (-5 points)
31.Never pays on dates with men including you (-5 points)
32.Is a lesbian or bisexual or experimented (-7 points)
33.Thinks marrying for a green card is not a bad thing (-10)
34.Fights other women after 16 years of age (-10 points)
35.Always looks down on her friends and speaks very badly to them (-10 points)
36.Enjoys cockteasing men (-10 points)
37.Wears pussy skirts (so short the panties are automatically showing) (-10 points)
38.Ever worked in a massage parlor or bath spa (-10 points)
39.Worked as a KTV bottle girl or dancer (-10 points)
40.Former er nai or xiao san (-15 points)
41.Tongue piercing (-15 points)
42.Tattoos (-15 points)
43.Has had more than 1 abortion (-15 points)
44.Her friends hate her (if you can find that out) (-15 points)
45.Lost virginity in middle school (-15 points)
46.Extremely/openly racist and very bigoted (-15 points)
47.Pitches a bitch fit in public against workers or security (-15 points)
48.Dresses like she is 23 but is older than 35 (-15 points)
49.Has a kid with no previous husband (-15 points)
50.Has had more than 15 sexual partners before 25 years of age (-15 points)
51.Pushes old people in public lines hard (-20 points)
52.Slaps and fights men (-20 points)
53.Hair is as short as a boy’s haircut or nearly bald (-20 points)
54.Cries loudly/fights in public when she does not get what she wants (-20 points)
55.Is an er nai or xiao san for a married Chinese man (-40 points)
56.Ever worked as a sex worker or xiaojie (-50 points)


Going to China is easy, but traveling inside China can be tricky. Like I mentioned before, you must have a license to be a Tour Guide/Travel Guide in China (my wife is one, so I know), and even Chinese people hire them to guide them around places for good reasons.

In order to go to China you need a "Visitor Visa" (L) if you are American. If you are going to teach English there, you will need what they call a Work Visa (Z). Please work with the school that hired you, or a lawyer, or completely read the embassy's website, if necessary to facilitate that.

*General Heads Up*: English teaching in China has advantages and disadvantages, also "White-looking" foreigners are basically the only ones most want. Do not get upset if a pissed off Chinese parent demands their child learn English from a white person and not some other kind of brown-black laowai at a school. Not saying it is not possible, just be aware of ugly racism. Smaller cities and towns have this worse, but from what I understand, it happens in all parts, even Beijing.

The basics are this:
1. Buy your initial plane tickets/hotel stays, travel Itineraries.
2. Fill out the application for your Visa
3. Add the doctor exam parts if you need those
4. Submit them and wait for your visa

Go here for more information: <-- FAQ/Rundown Very good to read

My L Visa lasts 1 year, but I cannot say that yours will be the same way. It could be 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, etc.. Since I am married into a Chinese family I can get a permanent/Lifetime L visa.

Other Misc Travel Advice

A) Chinese people LOVE and I mean LOVE to fight in public. They really do not give a shit if they can kick anyones ass or not. Your job is the stay outta it. More on this later.

B) Traffic/Driving in China is fuckin INSANE! If you stay there longer than a few days, I would be surprised if you do not see at least one accident. If you are walking there on the streets, watch the fuck out! If you are traveling with a girlfriend, stay VERY close to her and d what she says!!!! Cannot stress that enough.

C) Taxi drivers.....I could write a book on them alone. I will keep it simple though.
1) They will rip you off if they think they will get away with it.

2) Watch the counter before they take off, make sure they turn it on and then off when you arrive.

3) Give them the address in hanzi (hanzi = Chinese characters) or a business card of the place you want to go to in writing, unless you can speak good Mandarin.

4) Many have secret buttons for foreigners they press to jack up the price because they knew they can f**k you over.

5) There is a phone number at the top corner or the headrest that you can call if you think they ripped you off or call the police. Just like in America, the first person to call the police wins. You can still lose if you call them and they are ripping you for some amount the police cannot figure out and they are lying. If you are a rotten little bastard and you have awesome Mandarin skills, tell the taxi driver that you are going to tell the police that they tried to run you over with their car or inflict harm and you will demand to be compensated, and you are calling the Chinese embassy with his taxi number. Then Watch him drive away like a thief. I have tried that now and I can confirm that it works.

6) Some are super JEALOUS of laowai (you) with Chinese women. They will try to cock-block, hate on, talk shit, and annoy your woman with questions about you and her too. Just keep cool. They usually stop.

7) Some will refuse to give you a ride. Don't argue they are doing you a favor.

8. It is HIGHLY advisable that you have a girlfriend handle all taxi situations, because they are dickheads without one. They still try to cheat even with a woman with you, which just tells you how bold they are. My wife never got cheated by a taxi driver before in her life until she met me. The first time she was furious, I just gave that asshole the money and we just left. To me it was bubble gum money anyway (5usd something like that).

9) Expats in China report being ripped off as much as 100-400rmb on a taxi ride. Beware.

10) Taxi drivers may drive the long way somewhere. If you insist, they usually ignore you.

11) Guangzhou and some other cities SUCK SUCK SUCK to get a taxi!! You can be staying at a 4 or 5 star hotel and still sometimes have a hard time getting a fucking taxi. That really aggravates me to no end when I am in Guangzhou. That city is huge but there are so few taxis, it reminds me of Houston. The reason why they have so few is because Guangzhou has a nice subway.

12) The young ones are not cool either. They tend to be more jealous of you.

13) Taxi drivers like to play "owed favors" to other taxi drivers, and may radio for another taxi guy to switch passengers (you) with him. Don't get scared, they just do dumb shit like this sometimes. It's annoying but, hey that's China.

14) In bigger cities if you ask one if he will wait for you when you go to a store, they may drive off instead. In smaller cities, if you paying and tipping well, they might be your friend.

Take the bus for longer trips, and avoid making eye contact with dickheads and jealous trolls (If you are traveling with your woman). Chinese like to fight on the bus alot. Don't believe me? Search Google. Don't be alarmed if guys or girls leer at you, ask you dumb questions, or try to start something. Just ignore them. I find American style polarized sunglasses (like for baseball or fishing) to be unbelievably valuable in China for a very good reason. Your welcome, thank me later.

/pssst! You can look at all the hot women walking around everywhere without getting busted or looking like a pervert!

The subway in Guangzhou is badass. TONS of hot women walking around in there.

Basic advice in the subway or bus is this:

Give up your seat for women, old men and women, ladies, and pregnant women or women with babies and kids!!!

You need to do this for many reasons, but seriously, all you reading this shit, are grown ass men. Have some fucking manners!!!! Besides, someone will try to kick your ass!
You can show off your awesome manners to ladies around you too!

More Travel Tips
(Food, Medicines, and Toiletries)

China does not have alot of American goods and/or Western goods everywhere. Just in certain places like 4 and 5 star hotels. Things like Western brand toothpaste, cookies, sodas, have alot less sugar in them and many of them are so bland they are hard to eat or use. The reason why is because Chinese people hate sweets. If you gave a regular Chinese person some cake form an American bakery, they would spit it out in disgust. To them that was like taking a whole bag of sugar straight to the head. If you did that you would gag too. So do not buy ice cream there thinking it is going to be good. At best it will taste -__-....

Be sure to take lots of Advil/Bayer Aspirin (get the huge bottle), allergy pills like Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, diarrhea medicine, Pepto Bismo, etc. Chinese medicine stores have herbs.... I'm not making this up. It is hard to buy good reliable stuff we are used to unless you buy it on

Do not bring painkillers and other schedule 2 drugs into China without a doctors note!!!! Keep that note in your pocket during your flights in transit!!

Buy proper condoms in the West before going to China and a bottle of lube in your luggage bag, just in case you need it. Especially if you have a 6"+ long penis with any decent girth/thickness. Bring plenty of Magnums or other proper fit condoms from the West. Tight p***y might suck off those condoms. There is a Japanese brand of large size condoms in some of the stores in Guangzhou, that has a blue box and says Perfect Fit on the box, but I do not know if those are all over China. Keep stuff like this in your carry-on bag in case the airport loses your luggage too. If you and a girl make a can buy her a morning after pill at almost every store, ask for this 事后避孕药 Shìhòu bìyùn yào. Getting her pregnant is not advisable unless you plan to live there long term and get married.

Manners (Do's and Dont's) & Avoiding Challenges/Potential Dangers/You Gotta Understand How China Works

Ok so this is a VERY important section. Failures to fully understand these things, can cost you anything from time, to maybe even your own life. Seriously.

Do and Dont's:

*BIG WARNING* Do not fight in China. I am placing this at the top of the list without a number for a huge reason. Fighting in China, while not a big deal like it is in much of the West, is not something a "laowai" can participate in. Unless you are ethnically Chinese, never attempt to fight someone in China. What happens is what China expats call "Getting Surrounded". Chinese are extremely xenophobic and hateful of laowai. If you fight with one, you will QUICKLY get surrounded by Chinese people, looking to join in kicking your ass. Chinese are nosy, and never help strangers, unless it is a laowai vs. another Chinese brother. If you are lucky he will shout a bunch of SB (sha bi which means Stupid cunt) nonsense, and maybe a policeman can break it up and no one gets into trouble. Do not think you can fight 100 small Chinese people either. Even if you can, you are still going to jail unfairly, visa revoked or sent back to your country. Maybe even both.

This is the most dangerous of probably all situations that are possible in China. There are 2 kinds of laowai in China. The ones that have been surrounded and the ones going to be surrounded. Don't hard bump, trip, or push a line cutter or other person while walking around. If you bump into someone say "dui bu qi" (means sorry) or something to that effect.

The problem is that most Chinese there feel as if the government treats laowai like kings, and let us get away with all kinds of shit. (Simply not true) They know that they are not supposed to touch us, or else get into alot of trouble, but the reality is that, some of them feel pissed off enough to fight back at us, as if we are some great enemy. Expect to be called white devil, black devil, etc. by SB Chinese at some point (in mandarin of course) If they verbally attack you in English, you might laugh at their terrible English, but avoid doing that. They say dumb shit like "This is CHINA!" "5000 years of civilization yada yada stuff...". The best advice simply put is "AVOID ALL FORMS OF CONFLICT AT ALL COSTS!" Also never escalate anything. They may escalate stuff, to "save face", but be the bigger man and tone it down, move on. You have nothing to prove to them! So act like it and keep it moving.

1) Make sure you understand the concept of "face" in Chinese culture. Most people in the world do this, but Chinese take it to a whole new level. Do not get angry if your girlfriend saves face, set the expectations you want in place, and be easy on them, unless it turns into a pattern. You cannot realistically ask them to undo "5000 years" worth of bad habits. It's more important to figure out why she hid something or lied in the first place. There are some very mature Chinese girls out there that never do this, but good luck. They are hard to find and you would be lucky to find one. Also everyone tells a little white lie every blue moon....

2) Do not send or give them money. Use your best judgment, but these are NOT Filipinos! They may not even want your money, but be very careful of doing this. If your woman is younger, like 25 and under, and is starting out in her career/life, that is more okay probably, than a 30+ one. It really depends there is not a 100% bonafide approach, but be careful. You may only want to do that after you have met the parents and wedding plans are in the works. Seriously.

3) Learn at least some "basic" Mandarin. Ni hao = Hello, zaijian = see you later, xie xie = thank you... Even if you are a stubborn old goat, you need to at least know those top 10 type of words. Get Rosetta Stone for Mandarin. It really fucking works, and I studied Mandarin in college for 2 years and found it very very good.

4) Mainland Chinese generally speaking from a Westerner's/HK'ers point of view are VERY rude. They push in lines, cut in line, spit, may try to push you out of the way, etc. Here is where knowing this before you go, helps you adjust. If you or they bump into you

5) Chinese men are able to beat their wives/women in public and get away with it. If this happens, I have seen it happen twice, get out the fucking way, do not help that woman. NEVER WHITE KNIGHT in China. Other Chinese men and women, won't help, so do not look at them to assist. Police sometimes break it up, but not often, it depends. Get out of the way and mind your own fucking business before he comes after you, causing you to get, YEP! SURROUNDED!!!

6) Chinese men have "er nai" (second wives/mistresses) but you should not do this unless you really know what you are doing and your Chinese wife does not care. Getting surrounded may be the last of your worries. Even some of them pay dearly for doing this.

7) Never make negative comments about China or it's history in public. Especially the communist party. Your American passport's powers would be greatly tested if you did this.

8.) When eating Chinese food with her family or anyone period, never put your chopsticks back into the food dishes, with bits of rice or whatever on them. That is SUPER RUDE and disgusting, and it would be as bad as letting the nastiest smelling fart out at the table!!! Wipe them off on your small rice/hand bowl before going back for more.

9) Always let your girlfriend or wife feed you food! Turning her away is rude! Enjoy this, don't be a "mangina", LOL!

10) Chinese usually like to shower at night. If she tells you to take a shower at night, but you prefer morning instead, do both. Refusing to shower at night is rude to them. Besides, don't you want to join her in the shower?

11) Do not start eating until everyone is at the table first! Especially the eldest man of the house or group.

12) Don't touch strangers. Yes that means even shoulder tapping.

13) Hong Bao is serious business! Failure to respect this tradition, could be the equivalent of her saying she is too tired on July 4th or Christmas and is going to go back to bed, instead of visiting your relatives. Most Chinese set money aside at the beginning of the year to prepare for this. Click this link and read!

14) Make sure you give plenty of complements. Chinese men are rude and never do this, but everyone knows you are a "romantic foreigner" so give the people what they want! Tell the mother her food is awesome, be sure to tell your lady nice things you see. It is even better when those things are true.

15) Whatever you see other Chinese men doing, even if they are in-laws, or friends/co-workers, avoid or take the safe route. You will NEVER be Chinese, so you cannot always do what they do. That when in Rome, do what the Romans do stuff? The best thing you can mimic that they do, is called "Mind your own fucking business".

16) Do not say nice shit about Japanese anything there. They hate them with a passion.

17) The only Chinese you can trust might be no one. But in-laws are probably the only ones you can trust.

18.) China has the same problem America has, in terms of "frivolous lawsuits etc". If you drive and have an accident there, god help you. They will call the police and demand you pay for pain and suffering. I wish I had better advice to give, other than, if you are foolish enough to live in China, your mandarin better fuckin kick ass. Seek out China expats for more help on this.

19) Do not mess with the Chinese flight attendants or train attendants. They really are not that nice, and they really do not like you. However the prettiest young ones have diamond rings on sometimes, which tells me that some foreigner caught one. Chinese men by large do not buy women diamond rings or roses. Wink Wink NOD, NOD*

20) Some Chinese women are sooooo frugal and sooooo practical/logic driven you cannot spoil them or buy them nice things! Like diamond rings or flowers! That is good or bad. Up to you.

21) Never walk into any Asian person's house or apartment wearing your shoes from outside. They usually keep house shoes for guests (flip flops or slippers) at the door mat. Always switch to the house shoes.

22) Chinese when having a conversation, like talking around a subject. They almost never out-right answer a question directly. This is soooooooooo frustrating, you will want to pull out your hair. Mine does this. 90%+ of them do this. I do not know any Taiwanese that do this or HK people. Just mainlanders. It sooo fucking annoying. Be patient, eventually you will get the answer you asked for.


Kai: Honey what did you and mom go buy at the supermarket today?

Mrs Kai: Mom pissed me off, she kept asking me to try on all these clothes!

Kai: what clothes?

Mrs Kai: This shirt and some dress

Kai: What else did you buy?

Mrs Kai: We also forgot to buy some soap for dad.

Kai: What else did you buy from the supermarket?

Mrs Kai: We bought some vegetables, some beef for you, things for tonight's dinner, and some fruits that you like.


See what kind of a journey a simple 1 min conversation should have been like? It's just something they do, I stopped trying to figure it out why. Even highly educated ones do this. It's a communication style. Go figure. Mandarin is also context based unlike English, so that is part of it. Don't get upset because many foreigners do at first.

23) Do not date the daughters of high ranking CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Officials!! Not only is it extremely difficult for high ranking CCP members to come to the US for any reason other than diplomatic ones, those people are so powerful you could be killed without a trace! Normal non-CCP member Chinese people even avoid these high ranking persons and while in China you must avoid them at all costs. They have VERY special privileges in China and even the equivalent of a mayor of a small US town, is king daddy in his city. Even the head of a local tax or social services office is very powerful.

If your woman is a member of the CCP for basic work purposes (certain jobs in China make party membership mandatory eg. police officer), have her bring proof of this being a requirement to her visa interview at the embassy, otherwise they will reject her application. The US basically will not allow diehard communist party people into the country. Not easily at least.

Your chances of meeting a woman affiliated with a high ranking official is probably super low and they are very rare numbers wise, but this is good advice to heed.

How to Bring A New Wife/Potential Wife back to the US

You may want to bring your Chinese wife back to either the US or anywhere else in the world of your preference. Living with her in China, while okay for a little while, is NOT something that I personally recommend doing permanently without leaving from time to time:

1) You can NEVER become a Chinese Citizen!!! Unless you have Chinese ethnicity/ancestry, you cannot become a naturalized citizen. Nor will anyone treat you like one even if you could. The closest thing is a “Family” Visa which grants you a Permanent Stay in China.

2) Jealous local men will not like you taking one of their women. They will give you that, "Like a Boss" Mean Mug look. Especially if you got one of their "easily obtainable ones" (4-6 looking women with a kind heart and low demands) If you take a bad-as-fuck 9 or 10 that walks like a diva with a nice ring on, they will ignore both of you. LOL! They will have that MUSTARD FACE instead.

3) The likelihood of getting into trouble at getting deported while your wife is left to stay there.

4) Do not get stuck being outside the US too long, without tax records, etc. because if something goes wrong, you will be stuck like chuck.

Now you have basically 2 ways to bring one back to the US:

The K1/K2 Visa and the K3/K4 Visa. I am doing a K1. The journey was long and quite painful at times if I can be honest. I would not recommend waiting far from the love of your life, unless you are not easily swayed by any pussy and a** walking around you. I would say visit China often or the few times you go, make extended stays, and just spend time together. Traveling around China is fun too, we did that too. If you work outside the US, that can help alot too.

I also recommend hiring an immigration lawyer. 1500-3000 is the typical rates. You can do it yourselves, but you may not want to do that unless you and your lady are both super smart as f**k and she has great English. As well as free time to do all the needful. Also choose law firms that have Mandarin speaking staff that can help your lady do her parts.

Bookmark these websites for great information (especially the first one): (Unless you speak/write Chinese alot give this website to your fiancé. She can find lots of support and information from others doing the same thing)

Here is a flowchart of how a K1 works:

Last Thoughts

There may be some other things I have left out like Chinese Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival stuff, Chinese Wedding stuff, but can have fun learning that on your own.

As far as dealing with Chinese women and parents is that you MUST get your approvals and agreements upfront. Sometimes the man spends all the money and/or pays the parents for the girl. Sometimes the girl's family pays for everything. It depends mostly upon leverage, that immediate family's culture, if they have a son in their family, who is rich and who is not, and many other factors. If you are richer, that does not mean you will be demanded to pay for everything. They may even want you to pay them, because you are poorer!!! Some families do not do dowry at all! It really depends. Anyone that tells you that it is always 100% something (X) does not know what the fuck they are talking about.

Remember to ask any potential future wife candidate UPFRONT and EARLY about if they can leave China and if their parents will accept a laowai for a son-in-law. The Chinese have a saying, "It is easy to win the heart of a Chinese woman, it is difficult to win the heart of the parents." I would not say I was lucky, because many others had no fights with that. A while back I once had a serious Chinese girlfriend that went to her parents house to ask them if she could marry me, and they said no. When I asked her what she thought about that, she said she could not marry me too. That was my hint to move on, you should too. There are just too many good ones out there, and better too.

Rural vs City means little too for most things, except In Shanghai and Hong Kong's cases. There are awesome people with great values and jackasses to deal with in both.

Lastly Send me a PM if you have a question. No question is too dumb or stupid, small or big. The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. I don't mind questions about deeply personal things or penis size questions and issues like that, if I can help you, I will and I will keep it to myself if you request that.

Thanks Everyone

Now lets take a look, Strategy-Wise on the kinds of women you will be interested in. Physical Traits, Regions to find them, etc.

China has extremely beautiful women and of course the exact opposites too, like any place in the world.... There are about 10+or- 1 cities that have the hottest women.

Take a look at Cyrstal Tao's post of the faces of the top 10 cities and what their women look like.

In order:

1. Dalian
[Image: Dalian.jpg]

2. Chongqing
[Image: Chongqing.jpg]

3. Chengdu
[Image: Chengdu.jpg]

4. Suzhou
[Image: Suzhou.jpg]

5. Changsha
[Image: Changsha.jpg]

6. Nanjing
[Image: Nanjing.jpg]

7. Shanghai
[Image: Shanghai.jpg]

8. Beijing
[Image: Beijing.jpg]

9. Hong Kong
[Image: HongKong.jpg]

10. Guangzhou
[Image: Guangzhou.jpg]

This ranking is a little bit subjective for sure, but for the most part it is dead on. For example, many Chinese men and foreigners think Chongqing has the prettiest women hands down. Those women know that too, so adjust your approaches accordingly.....

Most Chinese women that come to the US for marriage to Americans come from Hunan Province (Changsha is the capital #5 on that list) They are pretty and know that, but they are super super sweet women that are very very traditional. Sichuan women (#3 on the list Chengdu is the capital, women are the same exact way)

Warning, Sichuan women are known as "The Fiery Women of Sichuan" for a reason. They can be a little bossy (Tiger Wives). They are Ride or Die Chicks, but they will tell you to go to bed, when to come eat, feed you, and are dead serious. They make great wives. Don't cheat them because they will make you pay.

Changsha/Hunan Women look like the super hot girl next door or the neighborhood hot woman. They have great legs too because they walk everywhere. They are super feminine like Chongqing women, but are more wife geared than most. They cook super spicy food like Sichuan women, but they are MUCH more gentle. They walk around town dressed to kill in short dresses and outfits and an umbrella during the summer, and none of the men are staring at them tongue out. That is just the norm there. They are always ready for a husband. Easy living out there.

Chongqing women have the best skin and hair by most people's accounts. I tend to agree too. Check some online profiles and you will see what I mean (Good luck few need to date online, for a good reason). The joke is that Chongqing must have something in their water to make their women look like that. They do not have the same amount of pollution in China as other cities do.

Dalian women have "whiter skin" and taller height and eat lots of seafood. Some of them have great powerful looking legs too. One of my Mandarin teachers was from there. She had Chun-Li's legs....literally.

Beijing and Nanjing women are taller and more slender looking. Whiter skin.

Guangzhou women are curvy with great legs

I cannot comment much on HK women, never been there. Their faces are flatter and they have a different skin color to me. They look the same as Cantonese in South China too.

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Here are some extra photos of Regional Beauty: (Take note the features, some of these women are models or celebrities. Just look at the features they have for a reference while looking for a Chinese woman from any of those regions)

1. Chongqing women:
[Image: Chongqing2.jpg]
[Image: chongqing1.jpg]

Chengdu/Sichuan Women:

[Image: Chengdu-girls2.jpg]

[Image: Chengdu-girls.jpg]

[Image: Sichuan1.jpg]


[Image: Beijing2.jpg]

[Image: Beijing.jpg]

Dalian/Harbin (North China)

[Image: Dalian.jpg]

[Image: Harbin-girls.jpg]

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Nanjing (East)

[Image: nanjing.jpg]

Hunan/Changsha (South)

[Image: Hunan2.jpg]


[Image: Shanghai2.jpg]

[Image: Shanghai3.jpg]

Hopefully this will help out some of you on what you want to target.

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

THE China King Pin has delivered!!! Standing ovation brother!!!!

Dating Guide for Mainland China

The most comprehensive, exhaustive, and information-rich dating datasheet i have ever read on RVF, bar none. Simply without peer. The level of granular detail, resources, links, etc. that is provided is a goldmine that will last for years.

Reading this datasheet, one of the things that really struck me is how unique it is from other datasheets, in that this is not another "went to city X, did Y, fuck Z" predictable stuff. Not at all. This datasheet gives a solid breakdown of the psychology and mannerisms of different Chinese girls from different regions of china-- It discussed in exhaustive detail how to fine-tuned your game to each localities inside China. In my view, this is very critical.

In addition, it went even further by breaking down the demographics around age brackets, income levels, education levels, MILF factors, etc. Discussing in detail the kind of game you need for different ones in different parts of china. On top of that, it decodes the seemingly convoluted, "invisible" cultural barrier that can be impediment to slaying Chinese pussy. The pictures also help to really put things in context too.

Critically important is the fact that this datasheet is very, very street smart. Solid tips, guidelines, and counter-intuitive street smart things(but essential) to keep as a reminder when navigating China for pussy. Exceptional work, man; Bloody, fucking outstanding.

If there is a guide to Chinese poonani, this is the most authoritative text on it i have encountered so far; the master thesis on it.

[Image: clap2.gif]

A year from now you will wish you had started today.....May fortune favours the bold.

Dating Guide for Mainland China


Feel free to PM me for wine advice or other stuff
ROK Article: 5 Reasons To Have Wine On A Date
RVF Wine Thread

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Looks like it is time to update my signature.

I'm the King of Beijing!

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Special thanks to all the guys that helped me review the guide over PMs. All of the feedback was tremendous and success, was not possible without it. nemencine, suits, BadWolf, rhodey , mentavious , dagnasty, and g_global. Thanks again fellas.

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China


Dating Guide for Mainland China

[Image: clap.gif]

Fucking epic post man! I want to thank you so much for this. It will definitely come in handy next year when I'm in China and it made me feel a lot better in actually going there. +1 from me.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Nice work, I'm sure the info and insights will be helpful to many posters for many months/years to come.

I don't know too much about the region, but I have one question about those face morphs from the different cities - how accurate are they would you say? Do they have practical value or is it more of a gimmick - for example, if somebody was to travel around the various cities and provinces in China, and then be presented with those morphed faces without revealing the place, would they be able to link up the morphed face to the correct city based on their experience there?

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Travelerkai is the only person i've seen who consistently drops factual knowledge on China that isn't pie in the sky or filled with ego inflated nonsense.


Dating Guide for Mainland China

Quote: (08-05-2014 11:44 PM)Espresso Wrote:  

Nice work, I'm sure the info and insights will be helpful to many posters for many months/years to come.

I don't know too much about the region, but I have one question about those face morphs from the different cities - how accurate are they would you say?

Very accurate. However, there is typically significant variation, regardless.

For example, a city like Beijing attracts so many immigrants that you still see a vast amount of variety.

I'm the King of Beijing!

Dating Guide for Mainland China

I'm going to print this shit out for my trip to China. Incredible stuff!

PM me for accommodation options in Bangkok.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

pretty solid, +1, but it feels like im the only guy who actually thinks nightclubs are among the best places to go

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Really, is that your overview of the effort that all of us have put forth on Chinese topics? Kai's effort definitely stands out for its detail and for those of us that have spent a lot of time in China (and indeed provided our comments during his edit) its quite accurate, but you're basically saying that the rest of whats on Rvf is what, exactly?

Quote: (08-05-2014 11:53 PM)El Chinito loco Wrote:  

Travelerkai is the only person i've seen who consistently drops factual knowledge on China that isn't pie in the sky or filled with ego inflated nonsense.


I've referral links for most credit cards, PM me for them & thanks if you use them
Strip away judeo-christian ethics ingraining sex is dirty/bad & the idea we're taking advantage of these girls disintegrates. Once you've lost that ethical quandary (which it isn't outside religion) then they've no reason to play the victim, you've no reason to feel the rogue. The interaction is to their benefit.
Frequent Travs
Phils SZ China

Dating Guide for Mainland China

G is right. Many before me have made amazing contributions like BadWolf, suits, and global. I may have been one of the first black guys but that is about it. We all have different information and experiences and China is extremely huge. It's hard to cover everything. You should have seen the pages I left out for fear it would get drowned out in minutiae.

But let's always give credit where credit is due.

Tomorrow I will add a few things in this thread and answer any questions or concerns.


Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Quote: (08-06-2014 01:51 AM)Global Entry Wrote:  

Really, is that your overview of the effort that all of us have put forth on Chinese topics? Kai's effort definitely stands out for its detail and for those of us that have spent a lot of time in China (and indeed provided our comments during his edit) its quite accurate, but you're basically saying that the rest of whats on Rvf is what, exactly?

Quote: (08-05-2014 11:53 PM)El Chinito loco Wrote:  

Travelerkai is the only person i've seen who consistently drops factual knowledge on China that isn't pie in the sky or filled with ego inflated nonsense.


That was probably rougher than I intended. I didn't mean it as a detraction towards those that have put in good effort.

It's just that Kai does seem to understand the cultural aspect much better than most. It's probably because he's had to work the angles harder as a foreigner with no inherent WGF or advantages an ABC would have.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

I got a question. You talk a lot in your thread about Africans. Which countries are they from mainly?

Have you ever tried getting at the African girls from Guanzhou whenever you were tired of chasing Chinese pussy if so, how easy do they put out? It could probably be a good niche of African booty if you get bored of the locals.

Also another niche perhaps could be Western girls who go to China to teach and whatnot. I would assume many of them will be lonely and not really into the Chinese dudes I would think. Do you think they are worth it?

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Quote: (08-06-2014 02:12 AM)El Chinito loco Wrote:  

Quote: (08-06-2014 01:51 AM)Global Entry Wrote:  

Really, is that your overview of the effort that all of us have put forth on Chinese topics? Kai's effort definitely stands out for its detail and for those of us that have spent a lot of time in China (and indeed provided our comments during his edit) its quite accurate, but you're basically saying that the rest of whats on Rvf is what, exactly?

Quote: (08-05-2014 11:53 PM)El Chinito loco Wrote:  

Travelerkai is the only person i've seen who consistently drops factual knowledge on China that isn't pie in the sky or filled with ego inflated nonsense.


That was probably rougher than I intended. I didn't mean it as a detraction towards those that have put in good effort.

It's just that Kai does seem to understand the cultural aspect much better than most. It's probably because he's had to work the angles harder as a foreigner with no inherent WGF or advantages an ABC would have.

I have spent many years learning Mandarin, working with Chinese people, and dating the women as a beta and as a red pill person. I have turned down book offers with another expert that has 3 times the experience I even have who has written books long before the manosphere existed. He hates the manosphere and is in the dating business for the money. I rather share this with the manosphere instead because I would be still a beta loser without the manosphere. the great pioneers like roosh , dalrock, Matt Forney, mikecf , some of the early Chinasmack and Beijing cream guys, and Crystal Tao even, stuck their necks out for us years ago.

If we were greedy like the people that pushed us into the manosphere in the beginning, there would not be a manosphere at all.

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Quote: (08-06-2014 02:31 AM)MidWest Wrote:  

I got a question. You talk a lot in your thread about Africans. Which countries are they from mainly?

Have you ever tried getting at the African girls from Guanzhou whenever you were tired of chasing Chinese pussy if so, how easy do they put out? It could probably be a good niche of African booty if you get bored of the locals.

Also another niche perhaps could be Western girls who go to China to teach and whatnot. I would assume many of them will be lonely and not really into the Chinese dudes I would think. Do you think they are worth it?

Most are from Congo, Nigeria, etc.

Lol. Man I would never talk to a non chinese woman in China. Nuff said.

Dating Guide for Mainland China Datasheet
TravelerKai's Martial Arts Datasheet
1 John 4:20 - If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ], he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Quote: (08-06-2014 02:32 AM)TravelerKai Wrote:  

the Beijing cream guys,

Do you know Anthony?

I'm the King of Beijing!

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Fantastic work! I'm already thoroughly infected with yellow fever and want to go to China among other places, and this just motivates me to double down on work hard and get to that point as soon as possible. +1 rep for this amazing data sheet.

"Imagine" by HCE | Hitler reacts to Battle of Montreal | An alternative use for squid that has never crossed your mind before

Dating Guide for Mainland China

Jesus what a post!
I never been with a Chinese girl so far.
Can't wait to come to China!


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